Thunder Bay
Infant Response Plan

Thunder Bay has experienced deaths in the past; the children were under a year of age and had contact with The Children’s Aid Society of the District of Thunder Bay (CAS). The Paediatric Death Review Committee and the CAS have reviewed these situations and determined that a more coordinated community response could have provided improved and potentially preventative supports to these families. As a result, the community and agencies have come together and developed this plan. This plan is specifically used for children at the highest risk in our community. The normal inter-agency collaborative process is used in other situations. 

The Children’s Aid Society involved community agencies in the process to develop a community-based plan to address issues which affect infants and their families at high risk. These issues were known within many of these agencies and they were open to a collaborative model in assisting infants and their families in a holistic manner. Some of the community agencies had pre-existing protocols which will work hand in hand with this plan. Community partners came together, meeting monthly (June – Dec 2008) to discuss and establish the goals and guiding principles, definition of high risk, identify risk factors of high risk, the method of implementing and the process of the Infant Response Plan.

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The Infant Response Plan (IRP) was developed as a collaborative effort with the assistance of the following organizations: 

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