Dilico Anishinabek Family Care

Dilico Anishinabek Family Care provides a range of responsive individual, family and community programs and services for the complete life journey of all Anishinabek people. Dilico cares for the welfare of children and families, physical health, the mental health and the health of the communities where Anishinabek people live by promoting wellness, preventing illness and trauma, and providing diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.


Family Preservation Services 

  • Supportive home-bases program providing short-term services for families with chil-dren between the ages of 0-18. 
  • The program assists with the problems and challenges of daily life by teaching effec-tive life skills. 
  • All family members are encouraged to make positive changes to enhance their family’s strengths. 
  • Voluntary program 

Triple P 

  • Evidence based parenting program. 

Infant / Child Development Services 

  • Prevention, early identification and intervention from infancy to age 6. 
  • ICD workers assist with the optimal development of Anishinabek Children and their families. 
  • Encourage healthy families by reaching out with support and resources at the homes of our families. 
  • Promoting and encouraging positive healthy attitudes. 
  • Voluntary program. 

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